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ANIREP is gearing to play a major role in increasing the commercial installed renewable energy generation in Namibia from the current 150MW to 760MW by 2025.

Who is ANIREP and why do we exist Overview

ANIREP is now included in the FTSE NSX Index Series, from December 2020, as the only Alternative Electricity Utility entity on the main board. ANIREP has now created a solid platform with predictable and sustainable long-term cash flows which generated EBITDA of N$17.3 million and operating cash flow of N$22.5 million for the year. This is underpinned by the high quality cash yielding 10.73MWp solar PV IPP with 25 year power purchase agreements and a solid performance from Hopsol Africa, the largest EPC and O&M contractor in Namibia.

ANIREP is the first listed strategic investor of renewable energy projects in Namibia and provides a bridge for capital markets into utility scale renewable energy projects. The company intends to provide investors with stable predictable, long term investments generating and yielding a consistent return on equity.

ANIREP is taking advantage of the environment created by the Namibian government for mobilising private sector investment into power projects, well ahead of its peer governments in the SADC region. This includes cost reflective tariffs, an independent and functional regulator, and significant steps towards a competitive market structure, including the ability to purchase power from any generator, other than NamPower.

In 2020, the total commercial renewable energy plants installed has grown to 150MW with expected
growth to 360MW by 2024. This excludes the participation in the Modified Single Buyer (MSB)
market, which may have a potential participation of up to ~ 400MW of PV and wind power plants.

“Source: NamPower & Port of Rotterdam (2021), Namibia – Port of Rotterdam, Hydrogen Supply Chain: Pre-feasibility Report”

ANIREP is gearing up to play a major role in increasing the commercial installed renewable energy generation in Namibia from the current 150MW to 760MW by 2025. Our next step is to raise equity of about N$1,2 billion in the short to medium term, as we develop and acquire more renewable energy generation, to increase our market share of renewable energy generation in the country, from 7% at February 2021 (up from 0% in 2020) to our target of 30% of the forecasted 760MW by 2025 i.e. 230MW.

In conjunction with the above stated generation capacity target, this will be accompanied by a build programme that includes Battery Energy Storage Systems to provide for peak consumption during the evening and morning peak hours. This will go a long way towards the elimination of the current imports of about 630 MW, which start unwinding between 2022-2025.


What do we do

We currently own and operate two IPPS with a combined installed capacity of 10.73 MWp. We sell solar power on long-term fixed tariff (with annual escalations) contracts to our customers, at prices which in many cases are at or below prevailing alternatives for these customers.

We adhere to the highest health and safety, environmental and social standards and as we grow, we invest in improving the communities where we operate in. We are now executing the next stage of our strategy, to increase our renewable energy generation capacity, targeting a market share of around 30% of the Namibian Renewable Electricity market.

We are in the process of developing an IPP with an installed capacity of 20MWp for and on behalf of NamPower as part of the JV awarded contract at Omburu. In addition, we are expanding one of our two existing IPPs by 5MWp from 5MWp to 8MW solar and 4MWh/21MWh BESS (the first of its kind in Namibia).

ANIREP Director Iyaloo Nangolo

DirectorIyaloo Nangolo

ANIREP Director James Nyandoro

DirectorJames Nyandoro


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