Otjozondjupa Solar Park

The 5.7 MWp Otjozondjupa PV Park is situated in the north of Namiba. It has 52 080 solar modules installed and spans over an area of 12 Ha.

Grootfontein 5.73MW plant with a 25 year PPA with Nampower under REFIT. We are mindful that the tariffs agreed in the FIT and REFIT programmes, with the annual escalations are not sustainable, as the price of solar plant technology has come down substantially since when these plants were brought onto the Namibian grid.

We are currently working with one of our off-takers, to increase the capacity of one of our IPPs, by swopping out the low-capacity panels that were installed in 2015, with higher capacity panels of (due to significant technology improvements in the solar panel and inverter market) incorporating the latest solar plant technology.


This will enable us to reduce the current tariff substantially for our off-taker, as the tariff was otherwise on an escalation path to unsustainable levels in the future.

Solar Park
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